Have you ever met someone who seems to radiate positivity and joy effortlessly?

They have a positive outlook on life, expecting good outcomes even in the most uncertain circumstances. This hopeful attitude allows them to exude happiness and positivity in every aspect of their life.

Therefore, encountering people with such an uplifting and optimistic spirit is truly a gift.
Their presence is like a ray of sunshine that illuminates everything around them, filling everyone with warmth and comfort.

All while making everyone feel valued and appreciated, as if the person they are speaking with is the only thing that matters now.

When people leave their presence, they feel uplifted, inspired, and ready to conquer the world!

Below are 10 Habits of an Optimistic Person. Read until the end because a bonus pointer is waiting for you!

10 Habits of an Optimistic Person

1. Step Outside Their Comfort Zone

One habit of an optimistic person is the ability to step outside their comfort zone.

Optimistic people are fearless in taking on challenges that make them uncomfortable or nervous.

They see these challenges as opportunities for growth and learning and are willing to push themselves to try new things.

Whether trying a new hobby, taking on a new project at work, or meeting new people, optimistic individuals are willing to take risks and embrace the unknown.

This willingness to step outside their comfort zone is vital to helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

2. See Beauty in the Small Things

Another habit of an optimistic person is learning to enjoy the little things in life.

One of the defining characteristics of an optimistic person is their ability to appreciate the beauty in the small things.

They find joy and gratitude in simple pleasures, such as the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers or the serenity of a foggy morning.

They see the world through a lens of positivity, allowing them to find beauty in even the most mundane situations.

This positive mindset benefits their mental well-being and ripple effect to those around them, spreading joy and optimism wherever they go.

3. Focuses on Solutions Instead of Problems

Optimistic individuals are known for shifting their focus from problems to solutions.

Rather than allowing themselves to become bogged down by challenges, they approach them with a constructive mindset.

They believe in their abilities to address any obstacle that comes their way, no matter how daunting it may seem.

This positive outlook empowers them to achieve their goals and succeed, even in adversity.

4. Choose Friends Wisely

Another reason why protecting your mental wellbeing is to enjoy a better life. Furthermore, by having a solid support system you are able to be true to yourself.

People who have an optimistic mindset tend to be selective about the company they keep.

They seek individuals who exude positivity, inspire and motivate them, and are known for their generosity.

Doing so creates a robust network of individuals who provide unwavering support and encourage them to achieve their dreams.

Conversely, they avoid associating with people who are toxic or hinder their progress.

They understand that the most crucial aspect of cultivating a positive mindset is surrounding themselves with individuals who radiate positivity.

Optimistic individuals understand the power of positivity, as positive and uplifting words can plant seeds of encouragement and motivation in one’s mind.

These seeds of positivity can flourish and lead to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Therefore, they understand how crucial it is to seek out and foster relationships with individuals who inspire and uplift, as they know their inner circle will profoundly impact their overall well-being and outlook on life.

5. Avoids Comparing to Others

Be careful of someone who is competitive, this is a sign of a poor emotional support system. If your friendship is becoming competitive then it may indicate it is time to let your friend go.

Another habit of an optimistic person is to avoid comparison to others.

Happy individuals avoid comparing themselves to others as they understand it’s not beneficial.

They realize that there will always be someone who appears more successful in various areas of life, be it career, personal relationships, or popularity.

Furthermore, they understand that constantly comparing themselves to others can lead to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

Therefore, someone with a positive outlook on life appreciates all they have and finds contentment in their current situation.

Additionally, people with an optimistic outlook tend to focus on themselves and aspire to see those around them succeed.

They acknowledge that everyone’s journey is unique and may differ from their aspirations. Therefore, they opt to live a life that is true to themselves.

6. Eats Healthy

If you want to know how to stop caring what people think of you, then one way is to focus on self care. Furhermore, not caring what others thinks allows you to be comfortable in your skin and live a happy wild and free life.

Individuals with an optimistic outlook also maintains a healthy and balanced diet. 

Scientific studies have demonstrated that consuming highly processed and unhealthy foods can significantly contribute to elevated levels of depression. 

In fact, according to Harvard, “Eating high amounts of ultra-processed foods (UPFs)—particularly those containing artificial sweeteners—may increase the risk of developing depression, according to a new study co-authored by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.” 

However, according to the American Heart Association, “eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains can lower your risk for depression by fighting inflammation. For every 100 grams of fruits or vegetables consumed, the risk for depression falls by up to 5%.” 

According to Mayo Clinic, the foods that help lift the mood are: 

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Lean meats
  • Fish
  • Nuts and legumes
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Olive oil

Thus, optimistic individuals likely avoid highly processed foods and opt for a healthier diet that contributes to their positive state of mind. 

7. Focuses on the Positive in Situations

Optimistic individuals tend to focus on the positive aspects of any situation, helping them maintain a constructive outlook on life and empowering them to find solutions to any problem.

Individuals with a positive outlook usually channel their energy towards things they appreciate and enjoy rather than things they dislike or find uninteresting.

By maintaining an optimistic outlook and proactively seeking out the positive aspects of any case, individuals with an optimistic mindset are better equipped to cope with stress and maintain a sense of internal peace, which can lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

8. Nice to Others

Individuals who express positivity often exhibit a remarkable trait of being naturally kind and compassionate towards others.

Their innate desire for the well-being and success of those around them is genuine and sincere; therefore, they want to spread positivity and optimism to inspire and motivate others. [Read also: Ways to Spread Positivity to Those Around You

This consistent display of empathy and consideration towards others is a blessing to those fortunate to cross their paths.

In addition, a genuinely optimistic individual does not discriminate based on social or economic status and treats everyone they encounter with kindness.

9. Avoids Excessive News

Positive individuals possess a characteristic that involves limiting their exposure to news.

Although it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with current events, positive individuals tend to limit their exposure to news media as extended consumption periods can harm one’s mental health.

They understand that too much exposure to negative news can lead to anxiety, depression, and a pessimistic outlook.

Instead, they focus on uplifting and inspiring content that helps them maintain an optimistic outlook. [Read also: How to Live, Happy, Wild and Free]

10. Exercises

By being a self sufficient and independent woman you focus on what you can control.

Engaging in physical activity is a common trait among positive individuals who often exercise to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Regular exercise has numerous benefits, including enhancing mood, promoting a healthy physique, and boosting self-confidence and self-image.

By incorporating physical activity into their daily routine, positive individuals can enjoy a sense of accomplishment and increased productivity due to higher energy levels.

Additionally, regular exercise has been shown to improve cognitive function, helping individuals maintain a sharp mind and a positive outlook on life.

Bonus: Thinks of Others

And lastly, another aspect of optimistic individuals is thinking of others.

They often consider other people’s feelings through their words and actions to ensure that people around them are not offended and comfortable in their presence.

Moreover, if they notice that someone is uncomfortable with a specific topic, they will take the initiative to steer the conversation in a different direction. This is done to promote a comfortable and safe environment for everyone.

Being thoughtful and considerate of others’ emotions is essential for optimistic individuals. It is crucial to ensure that others feel comfortable and safe around them.

Outline with pointers of 10 Habits of an Optimistic Person

Individuals who cultivate an optimistic mindset tend to adopt many positive habits that enable them to manage stress more effectively.

A quick recap: 

  • Positive people embrace challenges, step outside their comfort zones, and develop a sense of fearlessness that allows them to approach problems with a constructive mindset, focusing on solutions rather than obstacles.
  • Optimistic people also tend to see beauty in even the most minor things, finding joy and gratitude in simple pleasures like the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers or birds singing in the morning.
  • They understand the importance of surrounding themselves with positive and uplifting individuals who inspire and motivate them to achieve their dreams while avoiding toxic people who hinder their progress.
  • Moreover, individuals with an optimistic outlook tend to be cautious of their health, often working out and eating healthily.

In short, individuals who adopt a positive mindset and cultivate these habits experience more positivity and fulfillment, enabling them to tackle challenges confidently and with courage while spreading joy and optimism wherever they go.

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    Love these points, Sara—especially, point 9. It’s why I limited the content I consume on social media. There were so many negative and fear-inducing posts all over my feed. I created a Favorites list for the only those whose content I enjoy.

  2. Leslie 4 December, 2023 at 14:23 Reply

    I try to be an optimistic person, but sometimes people make it really hard, hah. Every night before I go to bed i try to think of at least 5 things I am grateful for that happened during the day. Your list is great, i do need to eat a little healthier though – which is probley why I know today is national Cookie Day, ha.

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