9 Ways to Spark Your Love Life in the Bedroom

Falling in love is a whirlwind, breathtaking experience. 

Spending each day discovering different aspects of your newfound love’s life is thrilling and exciting. 

Opening yourself up to the vulnerability to connect with another on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. 

Making the entire experience of falling in love genuinely magical.

Over time, as the passion and lust slowly dwindle, which it usually does, so does the romance in the bedroom. 

Sex with your partner may become less and less frequent.

Furthermore, you may find yourself avoiding sex at all costs. Such as faking falling asleep, working late, or postponing love-making to another night. 

When this happens, it’s time to rediscover the spark in the bedroom with the one you love.

According to Healthline“David Schnarch, PhD, through a study conducted with more than 20,000 couples, he found that only 26% of couples are hitting the once-a-week mark, with the majority of the respondents reporting sex only once or twice a month, or less!”

If you find yourself in the usual sexual routine, it may be time to spark your love life in the bedroom.

If you feel your sex life is on auto-pilot, experiencing the same routine, then you are not alone. Below are some tips to get your next romantic night hot and steamy. 

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Make sure you and your partner are on the same page and willing to try something new and exciting together.  

Nothing is worse than putting yourself out there and having your partner shut you down. If you and your partner are on the same page, then we have below 9 Ways to Spark Your Love Life in the Bedroom.

1. Play a Game of Strip Poker

Make your next date night a little more interesting. Grab a bottle of wine and a deck of cards and settle for a fun game of strip poker night.

Strip Poker is a fun way to slowly tease one another while spicing things up in the bedroom. Use the game to your advantage to tease your partner. 

Leave the sexy undergarments on until last to keep them wanting more.

2. Come up with a List of Fantasies to Fulfill Together

Each person writes their fantasies on a piece of paper. Once completed, create three different piles. A no, maybe, and yes pile.

Read off each other’s fantasies and together decide which pile. If one partner is not on board with the fantasy, it goes into the no pile.

Once completed, have a spontaneous night where you fulfill a fantasy.

3. Role Play

Role Playing is another way to spark your love life in your bedroom.

Role-playing is a great way to dress up for your partner and fulfill a fun fantasy. The best part of role-playing is the endless amount of people to become. 

Possibly a nurse, maid, or even something fun and crazy such as superheroes unite. It’s about having a good time with your partner while trying something new.

4. Cook for Your Partner

Cooking for your partner in a cute outfit or none at all is another way to spark your love life in the bedroom.

What a fun way to surprise your partner. Coming home from a long day at work with the house cleaned, dinner cooking, and you naked. 

Dinner may get cold, but hey, that’s OK.

If you are not comfortable cooking naked, wearing nothing but an apron is just as sexy! Wear some heels with it and make an evening out of it.

5. Try Something New in the Bedroom

Don't be scared to try something new in the bedroom.

Sometimes all you need to spark your love life in the bedroom is a new move, location, or even a different time. 

Trying something new in the bedroom is especially necessary if you are accustomed to the same old routine.

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. 

Just make sure your partner is on board before putting yourself out there. 

Trying something new can be fun, exciting, and thrilling.

Some examples, if you are used to doing it late at night, try switching it up by doing it first thing in the morning. 

Possibly, instead of the bedroom, try in the shower, couch, or even the kitchen table. 

Get a little adventurous. Maybe you can introduce a new toy!

6. Meet for a One Night Stand

Having a one night stand with your partner is a great way to rekindle your relationship.

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, then likely, the excitement of the new relationship is gone. This can make love-making and the relationship itself feel stale. 

If this is the case, then trying something crazy maybe just what you need.

How it works.

If you have kids, you may want to send this to grannies for the night. Getting a hotel is preferable but not necessary.

You and your partner go out and grab drinks at the same place while arriving separately. 

Once at the bar, you greet each other as if meeting for the first time. 

Flirting with one another is the start, and the end game is going back to the hotel or house for a one-night stand.

Depending on how crazy you want to get, prepare in two different locations before the meetup. 

You can even dress up in wigs, funky attire or even have an accent. Furthermore, getting ready separately builds up anticipation for the night ahead.

Role-playing at the bar can make it feel like you are about to have a one-night stand. 

Role-playing can include pretending to be different people, such as a lonely teacher looking for some love. Maybe, Candy, the stripper looking for a fun night out on the town. Possibly a Spy who needs to be punished for their evil deeds. The choice is yours. 

Just have fun with it. It’s OK if you get weird with it. Whatever it takes to spark your love life in the bedroom.

7. Keep a Piece of Clothing On

This one is for the spontaneous, in-the-moment sexual experience. 

Something so unexpected and passionate that you go right for it. 

Leaving the person with a piece of clothing on. Having something left on, even if it is a string of pearls, leaves suspense for more.

According to Momtastic, “clothes create a safe space for self-expression that may not exist otherwise, especially when body image and self-esteem are at risk.” 

Therefore, keeping a piece of clothing on if it helps you connect emotionally and physically on a sexual level.

8. Sext Each Other Throughout the Day

Sending naughty text messages is one way to keep the romance alive in the bedroom.

Another fun way to spark your love life in the bedroom is sending sexy texts throughout the day. 

These are text messages giving sexual advances in either words or photos.

Sexting is a great way to leave them longing for you throughout the day!

However, be careful of sending partial or complete nudes as they can get leaked on the Internet, which is stored online forever!

9.Tease Each Other in the Bedroom

Teasing one another is a great way to change up the routine in the bedroom. 

Teasing can come from wearing sexy lingerie, stripping for your partner, or taking it slow and not rushing. 

Enjoy every touch and kiss.

Teasing is a form of building up tension, so when you finally have sex, you can set off the fireworks together, if you get my drift ;).

Amora V Lifestyle features 9 Ways to Spark Your Love Life in the Bedroom. If you are thinking that things are getting pretty stale and need to spice up your love life, then check out our article.

The best part of making love is the connection you create with your significant other—what a great way to build a stronger relationship by having fun in the bedroom while trying something new. 

So relax, let loose, laugh, and do something out of the norm, even if it comes off as silly or weird.

The most important part is just to have fun. 

Having fun can be a silly strip tease or possibly even playing music entirely out of the norm. 

Having sex isn’t about a performance but connecting, bonding, and having fun with your partner in the bedroom. 

Not having to worry about performance allows the ability to have fun and let loose. 

Full List of 9 Ways to Spark Your Love Life in the Bedroom

  1. Play a Game of Strip Poker 
  2. Come up with a List of Fantasies to Fulfill Together 
  3. Role Play 
  4. Cook for Your Partner 
  5. Try Something New in the Bedroom 
  6. Meet for a One Night Stand 
  7. Keep a Piece of Clothing On 
  8. Sext Each Other Throughout the Day 
  9. Tease Each Other in the Bedroom 

In conclusion, falling in love is a beautiful experience that can be both thrilling and magical. As time goes by, the passion and romance in the bedroom may start to dwindle.

Many couples find themselves avoiding sex altogether, which can cause a strain on the relationship. [Read also: Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship]

However, a few changes in the routine can reignite the spark in your love life and make your next romantic night hot and steamy.

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