How to Curve Your Sugar Craving Naturally

Amora V Lifestyle how to curve your sugar craving naturally.

If you crave sugar, then you are not alone. 

In fact, according to the Health Watch Clinic, the average American consumes around 152 pounds of sugar in one year. That is a lot of sugar!

Although it is not surprising that so much sugar is consumed each year, considering the psychological effects it has on us. 

According to MultiCare, the Center for Weight Loss & Wellness, we crave sugar because it makes us feel good when we consume it. 

Consuming sugar makes us feel good because of the sugar-releasing dopamine in our brains.

So the next time you find yourself craving a piece of cake, cookie, ice cream, or a sugary soda, try some tips below to help curve your sugar craving.

1. Eat Fruits

Cutting your produce is another way to save money at the grocery store. Usually store bought precut foods cost more. Another great thing about cutting fruit is that it helps with sugar cravings.

Eating fruit is a great way to curve your craving for sugar while maintaining a healthy diet. Eating an apple, grapes, pineapples, or watermelon can quickly satisfy the sweet tooth. 

Furthermore, eating fruit can allow you to maintain a healthy diet as it features vitamins and fiber.

If eating fruit is still not enough and the cravings continue, then a smoothie may help by allowing an intake of sweets over a more extended period. 

Making a smoothie at home with raw fruits may be healthier than purchasing it at a fast food chain or getting it frozen at your local grocery store. [Read also: Tips to Save Money at the Grocery Store]

Making a fruit smoothie at home allows control of the ingredients added to the smoothie. If buying frozen smoothie packets from the store, check the sugar content on the back of the package.

When buying smoothies from a local restaurant or fast food place, check the nutritional guide for sugar content. Smoothies may contain added sugar or concentrated juice that contains sugar, making the smoothie worse than a can of soda.

2. Chew Gum

If a sugar craving hits and eating fruit is not an option, chewing gum may help.

Chewing gum can do more than curb sugar cravings. It also helps reduce hunger.

According to WebMD’s article, Diet Myth or Truth: Chewing Gum for Weight Loss, “Chewing gum also helped the study participants satisfy their cravings and resist fattening treats.”

Chewing gum can be a helpful way to distract yourself from wanting something sweet and can help with feeling fuller longer.

Plus, it’s a great way to freshen up bad breath!

3. Avoid Buying Sweets at the Grocery Store

Making a grocery list is one thing, however, sticking to it is another. If not able to stick to a grocery list then it will make it hard to save money at the grocery store. Having a grocery list can also prevent you from buying food on impulse such as sugary junk food you may not want in your home.

Not having sweets in the house is the best way to curve a sweet tooth. 

Having sugary snacks in the house makes it easy to skip over healthy food options for a quick snack loaded with sugar. 

Although the occasional sugary snack is Ok, eating these snacks as a regular habit can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain.

If you want snacks in the house for when you do not want to cook, then check the back of the packaging to see the amount of sugar included and the ingredients. Furthermore, the type of sugar can make a difference.

According to Healthline, “high-fructose corn syrup as a sweetener in processed foods could be linked to ballooning rates of obesity.”

Fun Facts: Check the packages’ ingredients to ensure they do not contain processed sugar. Processed sugars can go by a variety of different names. 

Some more popular names are:

  • Fructose
  • Sucrose,
  • Glucose
  • Agave Nectar
  • Fruit Juice Concentrate
  • High-Fructose Corn Syrups

4.Eating Healthy Snacks

If you’re looking to break your addiction to sugar, then it might be beneficial to opt for healthy snacks that are low in sugar. 

Some great snack ideas that you could consider include items such as 

  • Pistachios
  • Vegetables
  • Cheese 
  • Crackers
  • Rice cakes 

These snacks can help you feel full and content, which may lead to further sugar cravings later on. Therefore, the next time you feel the urge to indulge in something sweet, try turning to one of these healthier options instead!

5. Focus Your Mind on a Task or Hobby

If looking for ways to save money then not hiring out extra work may be a great way to start saving money. Furthermore, cleaning the house is also a great way to get out stress or keep your mind focused to forget about other things such as craving sugar.

At times, when one cannot stop thinking about food and has an incessant craving for sugar, it is beneficial to shift the focus onto other tasks. 

Things to distract you from sugar may include finishing up school or work-related assignments or taking care of household chores like tidying up or folding laundry.

By focusing on tasks that require your full attention, you can distract yourself from your cravings and channel your energy towards more meaningful endeavors. 

This shift in focus can help you overcome your food-related distractions and bring a sense of accomplishment to your day.

It is worth giving it a try and experiencing the positive impact it can have on your well-being.

6. Get a Full Night's Rest

Daily habit of successful people is sleeping. Sleeping helps with keeping the brain sharp as well as preventing sugar cravings.

Getting a good night’s rest allows a more productive day while making better choices.

According to EverlyWell, “lack of sleep causes the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin to increase, which causes you to eat more sweets and sugary treats.”

Ironically, eating sugar throughout the day can cause an interruption of sleep throughout the night, which in turn will cause sugar cravings throughout the next day. 

A repeated vicious cycle that can be hard to beat over time.

7. If all Else Fails, Indulge a Bit

If you still crave sugar after eating a healthy snack, focusing on a hobby or task, getting a whole night’s rest, and chewing gum, then indulge a bit.

There are healthier options such as dark chocolate, blueberry-covered chocolate, or just dipping a banana in Nutella. Keeping portions small is vital when indulging in chocolate.

Furthermore, it’s essential to understand your weaknesses when it comes to chocolate to help minimize overindulging.

For example, don’t buy a king-size chocolate bar if you know you will eat it in one sitting.

If you buy a bag of fun-size candy bars, freeze what you don’t eat to make it harder to eat on a whim. Freezing chocolate causes you to wait until the chocolate is not frozen to eat it. This gives you time to think about your choices rather than indulging in an impulse.

Another thing to note is always to check the sugar content on all packages! Checking the nutritional value ensures you know exactly how much sugar you put in your body daily.

However, getting past sugar cravings can be challenging but worth it. 

Ironically, getting past a constant desire for sugar allows for a more energetic lifestyle, helping with a whole night’s sleep and weight loss. [Read also: Worst Foods for Your Skin]

In conclusion, sugar cravings are a common occurrence for many people, and it can be challenging to resist the urge to indulge in sweet treats. 

However, there are several ways to curve sugar cravings. Below is a quick recap: 

  • Eating fruit
  • Chewing gum
  • Avoiding buying sweets at the grocery store
  • Eating healthy snacks
  • Focusing your mind on a task or hobby
  • Getting a full night’s rest
  •  Indulging in moderation

By incorporating these tips into your daily routine, you can develop a healthier lifestyle and avoid the negative effects of consuming too much sugar.

Full List of How to Curve Your Sugar Craving

1. Eat Fruits
2. Chew Gum
3. Avoid Buying Sweets at the Grocery Store
4. Try Eating a Healthy Snack
5. Focus Your Mind on a Task or Hobby
6. Get a Full Nights Rests
7. If all else Fails, Indulge just a bit.

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