How to Live Happy, Wild and Free

How to Live a Happy Life

The ability to live happy, wild, and free without worrying about social norms and external pressures can bring immense satisfaction.

It grants you the freedom to pursue your passions without restrictions and encourages the ability to be true to yourself.

It’s important to have a receptive and open mindset when striving to live authentically.

This allows us to fully embrace new experiences and perspectives, and to remain curious and engaged with the world around us.

By cultivating this mindset, we can inspire ourselves and others to live with purpose, and strive for personal growth and fulfillment.

Approaching each day with an open and receptive mindset enables us to fully partake and engage in our journey. Therefore, allowing us to live happy, wild, and free. 

Below are 10 Ways to Live Happy, Wild, and Free.

How to Live Wild Happy and Free

1. Not Caring About Others Opinions of You

One way to live happy, wild, and free is by not caring what other’s opinions are of you. 

Suppose you experience individuals who say unkind things or constantly criticize your life; take their unwarranted opinions with a grain of salt. [Read also: How to Identify Toxic People]

It is important not to let others’ negativity get to you, although, at times, it can be challenging.  

In fact, living life without worrying about gossip or judgment brings a sense of freedom. 

For this reason, not caring about others’ opinions of you made it on our list.

2. Comfortable in Your Skin

If you want to know how to stop caring what people think of you, then one way is to focus on self care. Furhermore, not caring what others thinks allows you to be comfortable in your skin and live a happy wild and free life.

In today’s world, society often puts immense pressure on women to have a perfect image, which is impossible to achieve.

Setting unrealistic beauty standards can make women feel self-conscious about their appearance.

However, feeling comfortable in your skin is more than just appearance. It is the ability to accept and love yourself as a person.

Being unhappy, discontent, or experiencing internal conflict can cause you to be uncomfortable in your skin. Therefore, you must be at peace with yourself internally and externally.

Therefore, to feel comfortable in your skin, you must accept flaws and only work on what you want to improve.

Ultimately, understanding what makes you feel comfortable and confident in your skin is imperative to building and maintaining self-confidence.

Feeling confident is imperative to go after a life you want to live fearlessly.

A woman comfortable in her skin does not let opportunities pass her by because she is afraid of negative judgment from others.

If you feel uncomfortable in your skin and believe it is holding you back from achieving your dreams, then take a few minutes to evaluate what you need to change to feel confident.

After evaluation, pursue the changes to become confident with your body to live a happy, wild, and a free life.

3. Be Bold

Being fearless in pursuing your goals is an essential trait to live happy, wild, and free.

You should not let others’ opinions hinder your progress toward living a happy, adventurous, and liberated life as a woman.

Possessing the courage to pursue your dreams is a rare and empowering trait that not all women have.

However, it is incredibly thrilling to go after the goals you are genuinely passionate about with fearlessness and boldness.

4. Able to Laugh at Yourself

Finding your tribe is one benefit to living a frugal lifestyle.Furthermore, it helps in seeing the good in others to help you not care what other people think. Being able to laugh at yourself is another great feature of being happy wild and free.

Having the ability to laugh at yourself is crucial.

Throughout life, you will encounter situations and circumstances that are embarrassing and awkward.

Brushing it off and finding humor in the situation strongly indicates a person who lives joyfully, adventurously, and with a sense of freedom.

By laughing it off, you release the weight of the problem and can move forward with a positive attitude, regardless of the outcome.

5. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Being brave enough to step outside your comfort zone can be challenging.

Facing your fears and doing something that makes you uncomfortable can be intimidating.

Sometimes its just a matter of others opinions that prevents you from stepping outside your comfort zone. 

Therefore, learning to disregard other’s opinions makes it easier to step outside your comfort zone and take opportunities to live a life that is authentic to you. [Read also: How to Stop Caring What People Think of You]

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be as straightforward as initiating a conversation with someone you admire or as daring as giving a speech in front of a large audience.

Doing something scary that benefits you allows you to evolve and feel more self-assured and empowered as a woman.

However, taking risks and trying new things is essential to development and growth.

Therefore, stepping outside your comfort zone to take calculated risks to enhance your life can be very empowering, leading to a happy and free life.

6. Get Creative

Getting creative is another aspect of living happy wild and free.

Exploring your creative side can lead to self-discovery and unlocking your full potential.

Creativity can take on various forms, such as:

  • Penning your thoughts in a journal
  • Producing visually appealing graphic designs
  • Constructing websites from scratch
  • Writing stories
  • Creating videos
  • Simply allowing your mind to wander
  • Doodling on a piece of paper

When you allow your creative flair to flourish, you empower yourself to bring your imaginative ideas to life and break free from the constraints of societal expectations that may limit your thinking patterns.

Allowing creative and most inner thoughts to flow enables you to establish a deeper connection with your inner self and express your individuality in a way that is true to your unique identity.

It is important to note that analyzing the type of thoughts is essential. If creative ideas become dark, it can lead to depression and sadness.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure your creative process brings positive outcomes.

7. Let Go of Perfection

Releasing yourself from the unattainable standards of perfectionism is essential to achieving true happiness. 

Pursuing perfection can be a hindrance, leading to self-doubt and a lack of progress.

Constantly scrutinizing and perfecting every detail can impede personal growth and development. 

By letting go of the idea of perfectionism, you can move forward more quickly toward your aspirations, desires, and objectives in life. 

By letting go of perfectionism, you can authentically pursue your passions without worrying about every little detail. 

Focusing on your goals without worrying about perfecting the smallest detail can result in a fulfilling and enriching life experience. 

8. Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Unleash your inner wild child and groove to the beat like nobody’s watching!

Embrace the moment and let your body move to the rhythm without inhibitions, no matter how silly you feel.

It’s all about having a blast and enjoying yourself to the fullest!

Don’t be afraid to let out screams and giggles while at it.

So let your hair down and see how much fun you can have by going a little wild and crazy!

9. Be Silly

Just a couple of ladies having fun being silly because they are living a happy wild and free life.

As we grow older, life tends to get more serious, which is understandable because you have more responsibilities and decisions that significantly impact your life.

The decisions you make as an adult are crucial, as each choice can determine where you end up.

So, if you want big things to happen in your life, such as a fantastic career, then it’s imperative to make the right choices to obtain that.

Sounds scary? Because it is.

However, it’s essential to balance out the seriousness of life with some lightheartedness.

Being silly can help relieve stress and allow us to let loose and enjoy the moment. Sometimes, all that is needed is to loosen up, laugh, and be silly.

Therefore, having fun, making jokes, and laughing with the people we love is essential.

10. Face Your Fears

Conquering your fears is a vital component of leading a fulfilling life.

The feeling of liberation comes with freeing yourself from the worries that hold you back.

Sometimes, our everyday lives can be infiltrated by fears, which may go unnoticed unless we examine them closely.

For example, fears may be about losing a job, making poor choices, worrying about others, or even finances.

If you are depressed, unhappy, or angry, evaluating what is going on internally is crucial to determine the cause. It may be fear or worry over something outside your control.

It’s important to remember that these fears are often irrational or something you cannot control.

Confronting your fears can give you a sense of empowerment and enable you to live your life without the burden of stress and anxiety that come from fear.

In fact, according to Beauty in the Brain, “having the confidence to follow our passions, and participate in activities we would usually shy away from, gives us back the control we feel we might have temporarily lost, ultimately making us happier!”

It’s important not to let fear prevent you from experiencing the things you love.

11. Laugh Often

Living a fulfilling life involves finding joy.

It may require some effort, but making a conscious effort to smile and laugh daily is crucial.

Laughter is a powerful tool that can increase endorphins in the brain, leading to a happier life. Even if we are unhappy, laughter can trick the brain into thinking we are.

It’s essential to learn how to appreciate the little things in life without feelings of apprehension or doubt.

Full list of how to live happy wild and free.

Living a life liberated from societal norms and external pressures can bring immense satisfaction.

It’s the ability to be bold and step outside your comfort zone, laugh at yourself, be silly, and dance like nobody is watching.

Maintaining such a state of being requires a mindset that is open and receptive to exploring new ideas and perspectives.

It is the ability to ignore others’ opinions about how you should live. Thus allowing you to live an authentic life.

Incorporating these elements into your daily routine allows you to live a happy, adventurous, and liberated life.

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