Signs You are Rocking Adulthood

Adulthood is a milestone we all reach at some point in life. 

A time in which we step out on our own with the whole world ahead of us. 

We are no longer relying on our parents to help us get by.

Adulthood is a time for self-discovery, passions, and dreams to pursue. 

It is the ability to make our own choices and create the life we want without others’ influence—the ability to control our destiny.

As we progress throughout adulthood, our goals and achievements become neverending, which may leave us wondering if we are even rocking adulthood or lost on our path. 

If you find yourself in this position, know you are not alone!

So the question lingers, how do we know if we are successful in adulthood? Although, everyone’s definition of success differs. 

However, we have a general basis below of different signs you are rocking adulthood.

1. You have a Career

Another signs that you are rocking adulthood is that you have a career.

You know you’re truly thriving in adulthood when you’ve moved beyond just having a job to having a career.

A career implies that you’re working with a clear intention to grow and develop, with a specific end goal in mind.

When you have a career, you’re not just working to earn a paycheck – you are striving towards a larger purpose.

Having a purpose gives you a sense of direction and meaning, and it’s a clear indication that you’re making progress towards achieving your goals.

It’s important to keep this perspective in mind as you pursue your career, as it can help motivate you to continue growing and developing in your chosen field.

2. You Have a 5-10 Year Goal

The best habits to become successful is having goals. Having goals is a great indication that you are on a path to success. Furthermore, goals allows the ability for you to level up your life in the next year. Afterall, how do you know where you want to go in life if you don't know what you want out of life. It is for this reason that I hope I can one day teach my child the importance of planning and having goals in life.

It’s important to recognize your progress in adulthood, even when it may seem like you’re not making much headway.

One way to recognize progress is creating a 5-10 year plan. Creating a 5-10 year plan helps you establish a clear long-term objective.

When you have a 5-10 year plan in place, you can map out the path to your desired destination more effectively.

Furthermore, it provides clarity and purpose behind your actions, which can keep you motivated to put in the hard work and effort necessary to reach your goals.

For example, if Sally (age 20) wants to purchase her first home before she is 25 with a 20% downpayment then it’s important for her to know what steps she needs to take to make that happen.

By breaking down your long-term objective into smaller, more manageable goals, you can create a roadmap for success and track your progress along the way. [Read also: How Creating SMART Goals can help you Achieve Success]

Overall, creating a 5-10-year plan is a great way to find a purpose and work towards achieving your goals.

3. You Have a Retirement Account

One benefit of being frugal is the ability to save for retirement. Furthermore, it is also a wise money move to start young. Although, having a retirement account as an adult indicates that you are rocking adulthood. Furthermore, lacking a retirement account is a way your financial choices are wreaking havoc on your life.

You know you are rocking adulthood if you are already saving for retirement. 

As an adult, you understand the importance of planning for the future, including retirement planning. [Read also: Smart Money Moves to Start Young]

According to, “Twenty-two percent of Americans have less than $5,000 saved for retirement, and 15 percent have no retirement savings whatsoever.”

Even if you have little saved, it is a start in the right direction! 

Don’t get discouraged and know that putting away regularly is going towards the goal of one day retiring.

You understand that one day it will be too mentally and physically draining to continue going into a job daily. 

Therefore, you should spend much time and effort putting aside money towards a retirement account to ensure that you can say goodbye to the workforce when the day comes. 

4. Have 6 Months Saved Up

Another smart money move to start young is savings. Furthermore, having a savings account shows that you are rocking adulthood. Savings can be used for anything from a downpayment on a house, six months savings or a family vacation.

Another sign that you are adulting is that you either have six months of savings  or are actively trying to save to cover any expenses incase of an accident or a job loss.

As an adult, you realize that relying on others to help pay your bills is not an option if you find yourself without a job. 

Therefore, you understand the importance of saving for at least six months’ expenses so that if anything happens, you will not lose your house or car, and you can continue to pay for things needed.

Thus, understanding that things can happen outside your control and planning for those things to ensure stability in your life is part of adulthood. [Read also: Tips and Tricks to Save Money]

5. Own a Home

Saving for a downpayment for a home is a smart money move to start young. As you get older, owning a home indicates you are rocking adulthood.

You are rocking adulthood if you own or are actively saving to buy a house. 

Although everyone has a different opinion of whether a house is a good investment, historically, housing has increased in price throughout the years. 

Many individuals do believe that houses are a solid investment as you are slowly building equity. 

Therefore, owning a home is a good investment for most people.

6. Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Another sign that you are rocking adulthood is taking responsibility for your actions. 

Understanding that every decision we make builds upon our path to our overall destination. 

Ultimately our actions are what lead us to our destiny.

Tweaking some behaviors and activities can alter our future and get us to where we want to be in life. 

This is amazing as our destiny is in our own hands. However, we have to work towards what we want to achieve. 

To do that, we must take responsibility for our life and its outcome.

7. Pay Your Bills on Time

Paying bills on time is important so you can use the extra amount to pay down debt. Furthermore, being able to pay your bills on time indicates being a responsible adult who is rocking adulthood.

Paying your bills on time shows a level of responsibility that indicates you are a rocking adult. 

Paying your bills on time is essential as it helps you save money by not accruing late fees, allows you to maintain a good credit score which will help you get lower interest rates on loans in the future. 

Paying your bills on time indicates an understanding of these things, showing that you are rocking adulthood.

8. Your Credit Score is Good

Having a good credit score is another smart money move to make at a young age. Furthermore, it indicates you are rocking adulthood.

A good credit score indicates that you pay your bills on time and manage your debt appropriately by not maxing out your accounts with too many credit cards.

Furthermore, having good credit shows you are responsible for paying off your debts. 

The higher the score, the more trustworthy you are in paying any debt. Therefore, indicating that you are a reliable, dependable, and responsible adult.

9. Normalized Sleep Schedule

When someone is draining you of your energy then that indicates they are not a good friend and are likely a super negative person. However, sleep is not always a negative thing, getting a good night rest is imperative for rocking adulthood. Furthermore, if you are looking for a healthy lifestyle tips for a happier life than trying going to bed early.

You are rocking it in adulthood if you have a sleep schedule. 

Adulting is about being responsible, which means having a regular schedule to perform your best at your job. 

Going to bed and getting the appropriate amount of sleep needed to function well the next day within your workplace indicates responsibility. [Read also: Top Habits of Successful People]

Choosing to go to sleep rather than staying up and watching television, going out, or talking on the phone is a sign that you are rocking adulthood. This leads us to the next point.

10. Say No to Regular Night Outings with Friends

You are officially rocking adulthood when you choose a good night’s rest over going out and partying with friends. 

Although going out with friends on occasion is okay. If going out every night, then trying to wake up early and perform your best at your job may not end well in the long run.

Especially when you have career aspirations that require you to come dressed up, well prepared, and mentally well rested to take on any challenges needed that day. 

Giving your job 100 percent isn’t easy with constant late-night drinking. 

For this reason, many of the most successful claim that rising early, exercise, and meditation are the key to achieving greatness.

Amora V Lifestyle has a full list of Signs You are Rocking Adulthood. So if you are unsure, then look no further, we have you covered.

If these pointers are all too familiar, whether you have already achieved these goals or working towards achieving these goals, then you are already rocking adulthood. 

Even if you are not where you want to be in life, that’s okay because you are still doing great.

Adulthood is an everlasting road paved with every choice, decision, and action. Therefore, every decision is essential to our overall success in life. 

Since we are paving a path until the end, it allows us to change course at any time. So if you are not happy in life for whatever reason, then you can change the path!

Full List of Signs You Are Rocking Adulthood

  1. You have a Career
  2. You have a 5 – 10 Year Goal
  3. You have a Retirement Account
  4. Have 6 Months Saved Up or Actively Trying
  5. Own a Home or Saving for a Down Payment
  6. Take Responsibility for Your Actions
  7. Pay Your Own Bills
  8. Your Credit Score is Good
  9. You have a Normalized Sleep Schedule
  10. Say No to Regular Night Outings with Friends

In conclusion, adulthood is a time in life when we step out on our own and create the life we want.

Success in adulthood can be defined differently by each individual. 

Below are some signs you are rocking adulthood even if you don’t feel like it:

  • Having a career that pays the bills 
  • Having long-term goals
  • Paying bills in a timely manner,
  • Refusing frequent late-night social outings with friends

These are just a few of the many choices that define success in adulthood.

Remember, every decision we make is essential to our overall success in life, and we can always change course and pave a new path.

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