Things to do Around KC to Check Off Your Bucket List

Bucket Lists are a great way to give yourself goals to achieve particular milestones, activities, or personal growth. There are several different bucket list activities that you can partake in around Missouri. The great thing about completing bucket list activities is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment, overcoming challenges, and feeling like you can conquer the world.

So check a few items off your bucket list this summer. Below are 10 Bucket List Activities around Kansas City, Missouri.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

For most, a Hot Air Balloon Ride is a once in a lifetime experience. It allows you to experience breathtaking views from up high while still being exposed to the open air. Although it is a bit pricey for a bucket list activity, you will remember it for years.

Nothing can compare to the peacefulness that overcomes you as you ride high into the sky overlooking the city below you. It is a fantastic experience and one that you should check off your bucket list this year!


Grab the boat; we are going to wakeboard! Wakeboarding is a water sport where the rider stands on a wakeboard being towed behind a boat. However, if you do not have a boat or want to experience wakeboarding on a budget (in case you end up not liking it), then you can go wakeboarding at KC Watersports.

It’s a facility near Kansas City that allows you to go wakeboarding with an overhead cable system that pulls you around the water. It’s a great way to try wakeboarding without renting the equipment and/or a boat.

Ride in a Gondola

You no longer have to visit Venice to ride in a Gondola. Yes, it’s true; you can ride in a Gondola here in Kansas City. Ambiance on the Water offers Venetian-style Gondola rides on the Kansas City Plaza. It is perfect for any special occasion or a romantic night out on the town.

The Gondola ride takes you throughout the Country Club Plaza to view the many Morrish architectural-style building and the gorgeous fountains, and even float beneath the bridge. The Gondola is seasonal from April 1 – November 30 and is approximately a 30 minutes ride.

Flying a Plane

Flying a plane is an exciting adventure you should check off your bucket list. Although getting your pilot’s license is expensive, many companies offer a promotion for a sample flying course. Therefore, allowing you to fly a plane without taking a lengthy and costly course. 

Usually, within the one time course, you can go up in a plane with a pilot and, depending on the facility, briefly take control of the aircraft. 

It is a great way to check flying a plan off your bucket list without the long-term dedication and expenses of getting your pilot’s license. 

Every location is different in what they offer within their courses. So make sure you call before scheduling a class to see what comes with it.

Taking a course is a great way to try something new. You may find you have a strong passion for flying you never knew you had.

Experience Riding on a Racetrack

Photo is of a stock image. Not an actual representation of the experience at this location.

Possibly you dreamed of being in a Nascar as a kid. The thought of going as fast as the car could take you made you excited. It’s not too late to live out your childhood fantasy. Being able to experience the thrill of riding along is unlike any you have ever experienced.

Now at the Kansas Speedway, you can drive or ride along on a high-speed vehicle on the racetrack. The track is 1.5 miles with 17-20 degree turns. During your session, you will ride along while listening to instructions over the car radio. Depending on the amount of time you choose to ride for, you may even experience pit stops. Pit stops occur every 8 minutes; you are on track. There are several promotions throughout the year, so check the website often.

Swimming with Sharks

Looking for a daring and unforgettable adventure close to home? Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to fly to an exotic location to swim with sharks. In fact, you can swim with sharks at Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield, Missouri. Just a short distance from Kansas City, with a drive of approximately 2.5 hours.

You can see Tiger Sharks, Brown Sharks, and Barracuda at the Wonders of Wildlife. Individuals are placed in a metal cage between the person and the shark for protection. The best part, you don’t even need a diver certification. So literally, anyone over 10 years old can participate.

Bike the Katy Trail

Biking the entire Katy Trail is approximately 240 miles and would take around 22 hours, depending on your exertion level. The Katy Trails spans from Clinton, Missouri, to Saint Charles, extending across most of Missouri.

While on the Katy Trail, you will ride through several large cities. Since the Katy Trail goes through many towns allows you to plan stops for food, lodging, and even a glass of wine.

With, you can determine by distance from your starting point where to stop to eat and find lodging accommodations. It’s a great reference for planning your trip on the Katy Trail.

Riding a Mechanical Bull

Ever imagined what it’s like to ride a real bull yet too scared to try? Trust me, we get it. Riding a Mechanical Bull is a great way to get an idea of what riding a real bull may be like without the danger. It is fun and exciting to test your bull-riding skill!

If you have never been, it is so much fun! You can ride a bull at the PBR Big Sky in the Power & Light District. Come out, grab a drink and try riding the Mechanical Bull. Who knows, maybe you are a natural at it.


The Art of Archery is a thing. Archery is a sport where you shoot at a target with a bow and arrow. Possibly your goal is to try archery once to determine if you even like it but need help figuring out how to get started.

There are several archery ranges in Kansas City where you can rent equipment, so all you have to do is show up and give it a try!

Riding a Horse

Riding a horse is another excellent bucket list activity. If you have never ridden a horse, you must do so today! It is a relaxing and peaceful way to enjoy the day. Most places will take you on scenic horseback riding adventures through the woods, allowing for breathtakingly gorgeous views.

Important Information: Wear closed-toe shoes and bring water, sunscreen, and bug spray. Call the facility before asking what other clothing items they think you should wear and what things to bring.

Full List 10 Bucket List Activities Around Kansas City

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride 
  2. Wakeboarding  
  3. Ride a Gondola 
  4. Flying a Plane 
  5. Racing a Nascar 
  6. Swimming with Sharks 
  7.  Bike the Katy Trail 
  8. Riding a Mechanical Bull 
  9. Archery 
  10. Riding a Horse 

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