When is it Time to Cut Off a Friendship?

Reasons to End a Friendship
When is it time to cut off a friendship? Within the article we talk about different toxic traits of friendship that may indicate it is time to end the friendship

If you read this article, you may be debating whether or when you should cut off a friendship. 

Cutting off a friend is something that should come with significant consideration. 

Cutting off a friendship can leave you with regrets, sadness, or even feeling like it was the wrong decision.

If unsure if ending the friendship is the best idea, start by distancing yourself from the friend by setting boundaries. 

Setting boundaries allows you to alienate yourself without cutting your friend off entirely.

It would help to determine what is best for your mental and physical well-being. 

If cutting your friend out of your life is best, do it gracefully. 

Circumstances and situations may change where you want them back in your life. 

When cutting off a friend, ensure it is well thought out and not from anger.

You are the only person who knows the best time to cut off a friendship.

Unfortunately, not all friends are good friends and there are signs to tell when it is time to cut off a friend. 

And friendships can end for a variety of different reasons. 

However, if you choose to end a friendship, ensure it is in your best interest.

1. No Longer Making Contact

It may be time to end a friendship if they are no longer making contact. Furtermore, friendship who only talk about themselves is a sign that you may be surrounding yourself with toxic people.

One way to know it may be time to cut off a friendship is when you stop hearing from them regularly, and it seems that contacting one another comes further and further apart. 

Losing contact doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 

It can happen slowly over time or quickly all at once. Either way, go with grace with your head held high and remember the good times.

"Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side. Our roots will always be tangled.
I'm glad for that."
~ Ally Condie

Throughout life, we all change. We work on becoming better people, finding new religions or beliefs, and focusing our time on different aspects of life; rather it is work or family. 

You may be heading down different paths in life and losing mutual ground for conversation. It happens.

Sometimes close friendships dwindle apart with time. 

Possibly, you no longer understand each other’s ideas and ways of thinking or do not have common interests making it hard to hold a conversation. 

When that happens, it’s OK.

Another way friendship can lose steam is when one person is busy and has no time for the other person. 

Although it may feel hurtful, it likely isn’t intentional toward you.

Sometimes friendships take a back seat. 

It can hurt, especially when the effort becomes one-way. 

It may be time to let the friendship go when you feel you’ve given it all you’ve got, and the other person is not receptive.

2. One Sided Relationship

All they want to talk about is themselves. 

Your friend does not know what is happening in your life, nor do they care.

Anytime they ask you how you’re doing, what’s happening in your life. 

If there’s anything new, they immediately take the conversation back to themselves without having you answer the question.

One-sided relationships are very toxic because they may seem like a perfect friend as they reach out, but honestly, they don’t care to know what is happening with you.

True friends want to hear about your goals, struggles, hurdles, and everyday life. They care about you, and they want to know about you. 

When a relationship becomes one-sided, it may be time to end the friendship. 

3. Only See Them When They Need Something

Only seeing someone when they need something may indicate a toxic friendship and a friendship you may want to consider ending

Another sign it may be time to end a friendship is when they only contact you when they need something, it’s a friend to consider letting go.

For example, you only hear from them when they need a car ride home, borrow clothes, or use your stuff. 

Maybe your friend never pays their way—causing you to fork up the money if you want to hang out. It can be purchasing their dinner, buying their concert tickets, or paying for drinks when they go out.

If your relationship is solely on providing for their needs, then it is clear that your relationship is all about what they can get from you. 

This is someone who will use you until you have nothing left to give them.

A true friend may need a ride to the airport or borrow a dress occasionally. However, your friendship is beyond what they can get from you—it is about staying connected and wanting to be a part of what’s going on in your life.

4. Drain Your Energy

When someone is draining you of your energy then that indicates they are not a good friend and are likely a super negative person. However, sleep is not always a negative thing, getting a good night rest is imperative for rocking adulthood. Furthermore, if you are looking for a healthy lifestyle tips for a happier life than trying going to bed early.

It could be from their constant complaining, nagging, or speaking ill of others. When you leave their presents, you feel completely exhausted and drained, likely from being exposed to their pessimistic attitude. 

If you constantly leave their presence feeling like you need to nap, then it is a good possibility their negativity is draining you. 

Feeling emotionally and physically drained signifies that you may need to consider cutting off your friendship. 

Being around positive and uplifting people is essential for your overall well-being. 

Thus, making it important to identify toxic individuals and set up boundaries for your mental well-being. [Read also: How to Identify Toxic People

5. Always Negative

When you’re around someone who is always negative, they have nothing to say that will lift you. This type of person always sees the glass as half empty.

Regardless of what you can tell them, even if it’s how blessed and how much they have, they’ll always see the worst in every situation.

Suppose you are around someone with a substance abuse issue; you must ensure they do not take you down that path.

Although you may think you can help someone by being their friend even though they have a substance abuse issue, the person will usually not get help until they are ready. 

Furthermore, an individual with a substance abuse problem tends to try to get others to do it with them. 

Therefore makes, this kind of company to be around hazardous, which leads us to the next point -[Read also: Signs of a Toxic Relationship]

6. Have a Substance Abuse Issue

We have a list of activities to avoid on a first date. Having a substance abuse issue is another sign of a toxic friendship and one that you may want to consider letting go

Another sign it may be time to end a friendship is when they have a substance abuse problem they refuse to take responsibility for or refuses to get help. 

Suppose you are around someone with a substance abuse issue; then you must ensure they do not take you down that path.

Although you may think you can help someone by being their friend even though they have a substance abuse issue, the person will usually not get help until they are ready for it. 

Furthermore, an individual with a substance abuse problem tends to try to get others to do it with them.

Therefore makes, this kind of company to be around hazardous which leads us to the next point 

7. Not Safe Around Your Love One

If you have a friend who is not safe to be around your child, niece, nephew, or anyone else in your family, then it’s someone you may want to consider your friendship. 

This could be due to substance abuse, violent tendencies, or an openly expressed sexual lifestyle that may not be good for children to hear.

Consider if the friendship is worth continuing when someone openly speaks about unacceptable things around your children or close family.

8. Betrayal

There’s always a level of betrayal that no friendship can take. It is up to you to determine the extent of betrayal that crosses the line. 

Depending on the type of betrayal, it is worth carefully observing and determining whether or not that’s a friend you want to continue being a part of your life.

Betrayal includes sleeping with a significant other, constant lying, starting rumors, or hurting your professional career. 

There are many different ways a friend can betray you. However, determining if the betrayal is worth ending a friendship is on you.

If, after feeling betrayed and wanting to continue the friendship, it is essential to have boundaries with them. 

Boundaries are a way to keep friends in your life but at a distance to assess the situation further and see if the friendship improves.

9. Friendship Becomes Competitive

Be careful of someone who is competitive, this is a sign of a poor emotional support system. If your friendship is becoming competitive then it may indicate it is time to let your friend go.

It’s great to have competitive friends to an extent. 

Competitiveness challenges you and pushes you farther than you can go alone. 

However, competitiveness within a friendship can become borderline toxic.

When a friend no longer supports you because they are competing against you, it is a friendship you do not want. 

Competitiveness can become completely toxic as it makes one person feel superior. Usually, in a competitive fellowship, only one person wins. 

Having a competitive relationship that does lift all parties involved is not a healthy or long-term friendship that you should want in your life.

It is essential to have friends who build you up and encourage you—people who genuinely want you to be as successful as they are.

10. Don’t Respect Your Boundaries

Boundaries are set to create comfort and ease within our life and are essential for our physical and mental well-being. 

However, when boundaries are crossed by friends who do not take no for an answer, pressure you to do things that make you uncomfortable, or won’t stop until you say yes, it is likely a toxic friendship.

A true friend understands that when somebody says no, it means no. A true friend will respect the decision.

For example, a friend crossing the boundaries is when you say no to going out and drinking because you have to get up early for work the next day, and they continuously push you and pressure you and won’t stop until you say yes. 

This friend is not looking out for you but only for their needs. 

This is likely a toxic friend who isn’t going to better you as a person. 

This is a friend who only wants what they can get in the time being and is using you for that purpose. 

When is it time to cut off a friendship? Sometimes the signs are evident that it may be time to end a friendship. If you are not sure, then check out our article.

Anytime a friendship is shattered, always take the higher road with grace and dignity. Nothing is worse than falling out because of an argument, disagreement, or fight.

Leaving a friendship gracefully always opens the door to welcoming that person back into your life at a different date. 

The best way to do this is without a fight; begin adding boundaries and distancing yourself. Over time, the relationship will fizzle. 

Two people grow apart on their paths in life.

In conclusion, ending a friendship is a tough decision that requires careful consideration. It’s important to think it through carefully before taking any action.

Cutting off a friend can leave you feeling regretful and sad, so it’s best to set boundaries and distance yourself without completely cutting off the friend.

When considering whether or not to end a friendship, it’s important to prioritize your own mental and physical health. 

This decision to end a relationship can significantly impact your overall well-being, so it’s important to approach it thoughtfully and without anger. 

Only you can determine when to move on from a relationship.

Full List of When is it Time to Cut Off a Friendship?

  1. Only See Them When They Need Something
  2.  Friendships Become Competitive
  3. Not Safe around Your Family
  4. Drain Your Energy
  5. Betrayal
  6. Always Negative
  7. One Sided Relationship
  8. No longer Making Contact
  9. Have a Substance Abuse Issue
  10. Don’t Respect Your Boundaries
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