Worst Gift Ideas to Give Kids

Holidays and birthdays are a great time to spoil the children in your lives. 

You watch as they unwrap your gift in excitement and anticipation, not knowing what they will get. 

You hear the squeal of excitement in their voice as they see their gift for the first time. You are so proud of yourself; you did it. You got them a gift they love. 

Then it happens. 

You feel the disapproval glare from the parent from across the room. 

You sit there wondering where did I go wrong?

You don’t have to be this person because we have you covered with a list of the worst gift ideas to give kids. 

With this list, you will know the things to avoid buying, so not only will the child be gleaming with joy as they open their gifts but so will the parents!

1. Art Supplies

One reason crayons is a bad idea is the fact that children can use them to draw on the wall or tables.

Art supplies are a great gift if the child is old enough to use them properly. 

This is an excellent gift for an older child, as it allows them to explore their artistic side. However, if the child is younger, such as a toddler, this is likely a no-go.

Crayons, colored pencils, stickers, and paint are messy and left unattended for even a second and can end up on a wall, furniture, or carpet. 

Stickers can be a nightmare to remove. 

Paint, colored pencils, and crayons can permanently damage the home. 

Even if they are labeled washable, it still leaves a mess that needs cleaning. 

Cleaning this kind of mess is a nightmare.

If unsure of what to get a child, leave this off the list unless the parent asks explicitly for art supplies.

2. Anything Not Age Appropriate

The worst thing is to have a Christmas or birthday party where your child receives many gifts they are excited about, only to receive presents that are not age-appropriate. 

Non-age-appropriate gifts can be baby or toddler toys that are a choking hazard given to a baby. 

Adult video games that have violence and promote promiscuity or rated R movies.

This may also mean gifting clothing or shoes that are the incorrect size. 

Nothing is worse than receiving needed shirts, shoes, or pants that get donated to charity because the child has already outgrown them upon receiving them.

Therefore, always ask the parent about the child’s clothing size if unknown, and make sure the toys are within the child’s age group. 

If unsure, then ask the parents before buying.

3. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are another horrible gift idea for children.

Unless specifically requested by the parent, a musical instrument is usually a no-go. Musical Instruments are loud and obnoxious.

Most parents don’t want to hear the child bang on drums, toot a horn or play the guitar unless they are willing to pay for lessons. 

Some parents may not have the finances to pay for classes. This can make the situation all the more stressful. 

For this reason, they are making musical instruments a pass as a gift.

4. Anything Living

Giving a living animal is a horrible idea unless someone is totally onboard.

Anything living is a big No-No. 

Regardless of its low maintenance, such as a fish or something that requires a lot of care and attention, such as a dog. 

Giving an animal is a big responsibility, and without the parent’s permission first is probably a bad idea. 

Most often, parents who want their children to have a pet would already have given their kids one. 

Unless you strongly dislike the parent, giving an animal is a big No-No.

5. Makeup

Unless you know the parents allow their child to wear make-up it is overall a bad gift idea.

Makeup is a little difficult to evaluate if it is a good gift. 

The thing with makeup is that some families have restrictions allowing their children not to wear makeup until they’ve reached a certain age. 

Therefore, giving makeup to a girl eager to wear it and have parents who won’t allow it makes it uncomfortable for all involved.

6. Mini Beads

Mini beads are an absolute nightmare as they make a mess. 

Although mini beads can create fun designs and maybe an exciting crafting experience for the child, it is a nightmare for the parents. 

No parent wants to vacuum, pick up by hand or even search for hundreds of little mini beads that may be all over the floor. 

Furthermore, these beads can be a choking hazard if the child has a younger sibling in the house.

7. Candy

Unless you know that the parents allow the child to have candy it is probably best to avoid. Candy can be considered a bad gift idea.

Due to dietary restrictions, candy should be off-limits. 

You never know if the child may struggle with high blood pressure or diabetes. 

Most people keep their family’s health concerns to themselves. 

Therefore, they may not publicly announce if a child cannot have candy due to dietary restrictions. Thus, making it a safe bet to keep candy off the table.

Even if the family has no health issues, some families restrict their children to having minimal amounts of sugar. For this reason, candy may not be appropriate if given to a child for their birthday or holiday.

8. Slime

Slime can be another bad gift idea. It can leave marks on the walls and be a pain to clean up.

Although many children love slime, it is messy. Slime can leave residue on the walls and the floor where the child has stuck the slime. 

Furthermore, depending on the type of slime purchased, it can get stuck into the carpet, ruining the carpet in the home. 

It is a safe bet to say slime is probably off-limits.

9. Anything Dangerous or Promotes Violence

Any gifts that are dangerous or promote violence are a big No-No. 

This could be as simple as boxing gloves or as dangerous as ninja stars. 

Although you may be asking yourself, who in the world would give a child ninja stars? I’ve seen it happen.

Another thing to avoid is violent games, video games, or movies. 

Even if you allow your child to watch certain films or play certain video games with a little bit of violence doesn’t mean that other parents are as accepting of their child to see those things. 

Therefore, if you have any questions about the video game being too dangerous, it’s probably best not to gift it.

10. Megaphone

Another bad gift idea is a megaphone.

Although it is evident that a megaphone is not a good gift, we’re still adding it to the list because it is possibly the most annoying thing you can give a child. 

We want to ensure that no parent ever has to deal with a child and a megaphone.

Although a parent loves to hear their child’s voice, they don’t want to hear amplified 20x from a microphone that’s likely pointed in the direction of their ears. 

That’s a hard pass. So please, do all the mama’s and dada’s a favor and pass on the microphone.

Amora V Lifestyle has a list of worst gift idea for children.

When shopping for a present for a friend or family member, ensure it is something the child and parent want in the household. 

Above, we had a list of the worst gift ideas for kids. If it falls within the list, likely a safe bet the toy is a hard pass.

With so many different toys within a wide price range, there is no reason to buy something the child may not use due to the parent taking it away or not being age-appropriate. 

Take the time to consider the child’s hobbies, age, and if you think the parent will approve of the gift.

If spending the money, buy something you know the child will love to have that is appropriate. If not sure, ask the parents. They will gladly let you know.

Note to the parents. Have that one friend or relative that always buys the worst gifts? Post this on your Social Media page as a hint. 

Maybe, just maybe, they will read this and know what not to get your child. [Related: Amora V Lifestyle: Family Articles]

Full List of Worst Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. Paint or Crayons
  2. Musical Instruments
  3. Anything Not Age Appropriate
  4. Anything Dangerous or Promotes Violence
  5. Mini Beads
  6. Anything Living
  7. Make-Up
  8. Candy
  9. Slim
  10. Megaphone

In conclusion, when shopping for presents for kids, it’s essential to consider both the child’s interests and the parent’s preferences. Although watching a child unwrap a gift is incredibly exciting, it’s crucial to avoid inappropriate or stressful gifts that could ruin the moment.

Avoid buying art supplies, toys that are not age-appropriate, musical instruments, pets, makeup, mini beads, candy, slime, violent or dangerous items, and megaphones.

Instead, focus on finding safe and enjoyable gifts for the child. If you need more clarification, asking the parents for their input is always a good idea.

By following these tips, you can ensure the child will love their gift, and the parents won’t have to deal with any unnecessary stress.

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